What does PABS do?

We provide a consultancy service for any person or company who owns a swimming pool and wants to turn it into a lucrative business. Our team works with the pool owner to identify what their ideal audience is?, then we create a strategy and a timetable to suit their needs

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Does the Temperature of the pool matter?

Only if you want to offer baby swim lessons. You can see implement a successful pool timetable offering a variety of Aqua Fitness classes, Health & Well being classes like Aqua yoga and swimming lessons from pre-school children all the way through the ages & abilities, including grandparents & retirees.

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How can you help a hotel & Gyms?

We have an extensive history working with Marriott, Hilton and other hotel chains around the Globe, where we established the importance of having a balanced timetable that offers peaceful swimming time for members but also a variety of activities for members & their families.

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