Take Your Swim School to the Next Level

Our consultants work with swim schools to streamline and scale their facilities covering every facet of your business.

Once you have set up your own swim business, you’ll be looking at ways to easily grow that business and profits.

There are a host of people offering the latest get rich quick solutions, even for swimming schools, and it may seem difficult to choose.

Let’s skip the BS

Most people selling concepts for swimming classes are unqualified – often a combination of little success and little experience.

What you need are new ideas that are thoroughly researched, tested and updated. Because you don’t have the time to experiment with new products, even if they promise the world.

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We Scale Swim Schools

at Every Stage of Development

My other company Aquababies Global is one of the International Leaders in aqua fitness and swimming. We have a global network over 30 successful swimming schools, so we know what it takes to always be one step ahead of the competition.

PABS Consulting is how we share our specialist knowledge to create bespoke concepts to grow your Aquafit and Swim schools. We’ve consulted with large companies like Marriott® Hotels & Hilton Hotels & Resorts and know what it takes to grow  any size Aquafit & Swimming business.

What you get

  • We consistently create new innovative programs, together with training for our own schools – now these are available to you also.
  • We deliver new training strategies which include workshops that inspire your teachers’ creative edge and help increase positive productivity.
  • We sell only our own programs, so we know exactly how they work. We can help you master them, as well as supporting you & your teachers.
  • You get access to our Aquatic consultants who provide expert advice on the latest trends, and know what’s working and what isn’t.
  • On-Demand Workshops – These hyper focussed workshops, help you stay on top of the latest aquatic trends and training.
  • Certifications & Mastery Courses – We built the foundational courses to train our team. Now we’ve made them available to the world.

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