The Secret of Successful Baby Swimming Schools

If you are looking to start a Baby swimming school, know then, that you are exactly where I was 30 years ago. That’s when I started my own first swimming school for Parents and Babies.

Since then I’ve helped launch over 50 parent and baby swimming schools in countries all over the world.

I know what it takes when you first start out, it’s important to create a business strategy & a step by step plan to implement programs that not only benefit the parent & child but also the teachers & swim school owners.


At Aquababies we prefer to offer an education based on a holistic approach to water activities. Our methodology evolved after years of researching various styles of teaching to create a technique that is based on positive interaction between parent child & teacher.
Our parent and baby swimming classes are designed to educate not only the child but the parent too, each week we have aims & objectives, a stepping-stone, fun learning process based on the development milestones. When a parent feels informed on how & why we teach these baby swimming methods it instils confidence, the parents relax, as does the baby! A win, win formula! Parents want to come back for more!

Julie-ann James

Start a Baby Swimming School

Why Start a Baby Swimming School?

A Wise Investment

Now more than ever family wellbeing related business are a wise investment. Operating your own swimming business that has positive purpose, a positive education, something greater than yourself and deliberately engaging in activities for the benefits of parent & child are important aspects for a work life balance.

Grow as You Go

You can start with just one set of classes and then grow as demand increases. This is the perfect supply & demand business model.

Flexible Work Hours

Make classes at times that suit you & the parents’ schedules. I’ve found that being convenient for everybody really improves the numbers of participants.

Easily Grow Your Business

Once you have one program full you can easily offer the parents the opportunity to progress to different levels, each offering a different learning style & outcome. The bottom line is that you can grow as fast or slow as you want.

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A Rewarding & Growing Business

Teaching Babies to swim is one of the most rewarding career paths you could choose. Swimming is an essential life skill, with the ever increasing numbers of babies born, and an awareness of the need for water confidence and safety, it is a market that is growing every day.

How We Can Help You

Join a community of swimming school owners just like you. And, get quick help and guidance from our expert support team when you need it.

Negotiating with Large Companies

Negotiating with large organizations and pool owners, insurance companies and others is always difficult when you are still an unproven business that‘s just starting. Often that will result in you being charged more for a service or rent than established companies with a proven track record. Off course this just eats into future profits.

Training & Certification

Certified Training is a must these days if you want to ask parents to entrust you with training them and their babies. You and any of your teachers must have access to training that is regularly updated to conform to the latest regulations. Remember it’s a big ask for a parent to put their baby under water for the first time, and it helps if the parent has the confidence because they know you are certified to help them achieve this SAFELY.

We Are Experts

We know all the steps you have to complete and how to do this efficiently and correctly. We can explain every procedure and take you through the simplest way to get this done. Don’t waste time on problems or get stressed by them either.

We’ve Got What You Need

As a large global network we have built a reputation & authority in this industry. You can take on that mantle of authority and our reputation in business if you are part of our network. You no longer negotiate as an unknown and so are able to leverage our company name. You’ll be surprised at how many doors that opens and the savings you make.

It’s What We Do

We are certified trainers and all teachers in all our schools worldwide have been certified by us. We offer many different training workshops and classes. Better yet it is just part of what you get when you become part of our global network of schools.

We are one of the very few swim school franchisors that can offer dual qualifications with the STA and Swim Australia.

What Other Schools Say

Julie-Ann James has always been a good tutor and friend to BlueBlue Baby Swim Club. She brought us new information in this business, and provided her uniquely rich experience in baby swimming. And she is also very enthusiastic in her teaching, our coaches and other colleagues are very fond of her. I have to say that Julie-Ann is one of the most professional tutors that we have ever hired.

TT, Blue Blue Swim Club, China

Julie-Ann was diligent in teaching the STA materials and helping our instructors to get STA certification. She also shared countless tips and lessons on how to better interact with children and parents.

Finally, she created bespoke lesson plans for us that we were able to later modify into our current teaching curriculum.

Overall, we were impressed with her professionalism and her expertise.

Good2Swim, Taiwan

How This Works…

Simple and intuitive” is our mantra. Less bells-and-whistles so you can start a Swim School… even if you’ve never done it before.

To celebrate the launch of PABS Consulting we’ve decided to open the doors of our Aquababies Global Franchises Franchise & Licensing service.

You will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to start a parent & baby swimming business the right way, because you will be helped all the way by our professionals.

What You Get

By joining a Global Franchise family operated by a well-known and trusted brand, you’ll benefit from on-going support whilst having the freedom and independence to be your very own business owner.

Our business franchises are designed so that you can start and operate the Aquababies range of programs immediately upon completion of our unique training. We streamline the process to ensure a speedy and easy path to your success.

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Franchise & Licensing Solutions

This is a great starting point if you are new to parent and baby swimming schools

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