Aqua fitness

The Aquafitness Revolution is here!

Workshops & Qualifications

PABS has teamed up with exercise professionals from around the Globe to help raise awareness of the numerous Health Benefits of working out in water. Aqua fitness is not what you expect it to be, it is an all body workout, without impact. It’s no longer an activity just for the retired, now Aquatic Exercise Targets Younger Demographics too. The resistance training programs increase flexibility and helps to muscle strength. Classes in Europe are booming!!


We are working with successful business owners from Italy & Portugal who can qualify teachers with either online or face to face workshops. We facilitate the training lead by expert trainers with a variety of Aquatic Programs.

Aquafitness Conventions/Conferences

We help Hotels, Gyms and Swimming Centres utilise their premises, ie pool conference rooms & catering, to facilitate conferences with World Class International Presenters, teachers & sponsors.

PABA FIT (Parent & Baby Aquafit)

The world’s first Aqua-aerobic workout for Parents with their Child!

PABA programs have been endorsed by 3 Governing Bodies, the teacher’s workshops are informative and provide a variety of resources. The course is exceptional value & increases you family membership base. Investing in upskilling courses supports your staff, happy knowledgeable, happy customers!!


Latin Aqua Fit for Parent & Child – A workout class with lots of fun!

A variation of PABA FIT, Swimba! The classes have a vibrant Latin vibe with Music and Salsa! Aqua-fitness exercise for the parents and Aquababies swimming moves for the children. The classes can be taught for parent and child or just a fun fitness class just for the adults.

The body can have a powerful effect on mental well-being and therefore moving your body and getting some exercise in a clean & safe water environment is  great way to make you feel good!!

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Swim Programs

Baby Swimming Programs

Aquababies Global are the International Leaders in an ever-growing industry, pioneering multi-faceted teaching techniques that are successfully tried & tested Globally.We provide training programs for all age groups.

The Aquababies program is world renowned, which is often imitated, but seldom equaled. Thoroughly researched, effective, tried & tested successful concepts. The programs are a self-perpetuating rolling business model which is which is which is aimed a retaining, happy clients to increase profitability. We offer franchising/License opportunities or can create bespoke models to suits an Aquatic Business requirement.

We are always evolving to add new innovative programs, so our businesses stand’s out among the marketplace. That’s our point of difference, and why we are the Global Leaders in our industry!

Swimming Teacher Training & Qualifications

Running an elite program requires well-trained staff that are on the “same page.” Providing comprehensive teachers packs with lessons that shape their creative leadership, will help to retain customers.

We can update your staff knowledge & expertise, additional training motivates your staff, to increase performance & productivity.

Dual Qualifications

PABS Selects the best Tutors & can qualify teachers with 2 Governing Bodies:

ASCTA Swim Australia: The forerunner of a national organisation representing the interests of swimming Coaches and swimming and water safety Teachers

UK STA (Swimming Teachers Association) As a national governing body for swimming and lifesaving with over 12,000 members, we continue to develop qualifications in swimming teaching, lifesaving and leisure management to support the needs of the industry.  

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Aquatic Health & Wellbeing programs

Baby SPA small baby

Family Wellbeing

More than just physical health – it involves your emotional, social and mental health too! Our Aquatic programs promote mindful practices combined with flowing sensory water activities taught in a non-judgemental peaceful environment.

Our Programs include:

  • PABA Yoga for Parent & Baby
  • New Born, Mind, Bonding & Swim,
  • Pre Natal Yoga
  • Parent & Baby Spa

Health & Welling, Positive Mindset Teacher workshops

Teacher workshops that support your workforce. This powerful and effective wellness method is beneficial for both business owners, teachers & parents who want to let go of negative thoughts and patterns so that they can become the very BEST version of themselves and create a healthy, positive and successful life.

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What Our Clients Say

“I first worked with Julie-Ann in the mid 1990’s and have known her and worked with her on and off ever since.

Julie-Ann has demonstrated a passion and desire for her business making it a success over a long period of time, with innovation, and designing a new product which is now followed by many.  This success is the result of Julie-Ann’s continued hard work, and development of ideas, and a willingness to take risks and work internationally.

As a person, Julie-Ann is easy to work with and very loyal, trusting, honest and good fun.

This combined with her above business experience, and product knowledge makes for a great combination.

I am pleased to of worked and known Julie-Ann over this period and would recommend her on a personal and professional level.”

Jarrod Lupson – Managing Owner of Coconut , Coconut Commercial Management Solutions