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PABS is a more than just a swimming school consultancy, we consider any pool to be a viable business venture! To succeed you must be versatile, innovative & creative, that where our team of mentors helps to motivate & inspire teachers & business owners by creating a well balance timetable combining ground-breaking Aqua Fitness, Health & Wellbeing & New Swimming Programs.

Our Aim is to help Aquatic businesses utilise their pool space into a lucrative business.

Objectives step by step:

  • Work with the pool business owner to establish their clientele, eg, adults or families or both
  • Develop strategies for growth
  • Create a balanced pool timetable from opening to closure.
  • Implement Required Programs
  • Facilitate Training Workshops delivered by Experts related to the chosen programs.
  • Posit

Here at PABS swimming school consultancy we have recognised that a lot of swimming companies get stuck doing the same lesson over and over. Due to our extensive on-going research, we can provide bespoke and unique lesson plans, teacher training workshops & International qualifications and advise to help you stand out above your competitors.

PABS consultancy has been set up to help existing swim schools better their knowledge, to expand their current programs and to offer their client base more variety.   

  • Do you already run a swim school but need direction? 
  • Or do you want to open a Swim School? 
  • Would you like more customer retention and to attract new ones? 
  • Would you like to add new Aqua fitness concepts for all ages?

As part of our consultancy service, we can help you to understand and meet market demands anywhere in the world. Gain clarity to an invaluable network and expert knowledge and to stand out above your competitors.

We can customize a curriculum to suit your venues timetable and help you to factor in innovative programs into your business plan. 

We will help you shine. Reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time!!

Specialist Swimming School Consultancy

The team behind our swimming school consultancy is PABS (Premium Aquatic Business Strategies). PABS consulting is behind the fast growth of quality baby swimming programs and Aquatic fitness & wellbeing programs around the world. 

The consultancy company is based on innovative ideas, optimum production and values. Our aim is to build long lasting relationships based on delivery, performance and quality of our work.

Julie-Ann James, the founder and creator of PABS and Aquababies Global, is passionate about her work and continually researches and develops new programs to aquatic businesses to grow. Our constant research provides new and exciting classes for your clients, making you stand out in their area of expertise. Find out more out more about Julie-Ann, her work and how she and her team can help your baby swim business.

What You Get

We can write bespoke training manuals for the below swimming programs:

  • New Born Mind, Body & BabySwim

  • Pre-school

  • School age children of all ages and ability

  • Adult Swimming

You can also add our new ground-breaking aqua fitness & wellbeing concepts which you can find more information on our ‘PROGRAMS’ page:

  • PABA, Parent & Baby Aquafit

  • Swimba: a Latin aqua class for Parent & child

  • Parent & Baby Spa

  • Swimbaree: A swim gym play centre

  • Parent & Baby Yoga
  • Pre & Post Natal Yoga

  • New Born Flow

Teacher Training


Update your Staff Knowledge & Expertise

Running an elite program requires well-trained staff that are on the “same page.” Providing comprehensive teachers packs with lessons that shape their creative leadership & workshops to offer aqua fit programs, will help your business to operate on a rolling business model.

Teacher training days are a great way to enhance your swim school and boost Instructors knowledge and expertise. Our staff training incorporates so many values, compassion, empathy but also knowledge to deliver classes with all those values incorporated in our methodology.

swimming school consultancy

What Our Clients Say

“Julie-Ann has been working with PuPu Whale for 3 years, she helped to design bespoke programs which has helped our centre to expand. Thanks Julie-Ann!!”

Carl Tutor, Leisure Club Manager , Pupu Whale

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